A police officer in Nairobi shot himself after being cornered by his colleagues who were in pursuit of the officer for fatality shooting a female officer early morning, Sunday. 

Reports showed that the police officer had earlier on Saturday night shot the female officer and another colleague following a relationship confrontation.  

After an intense argument, the officer stepped back and opened fire on his colleagues who were inside the car killing one and injuring another on the hand.

The officer, who was attached to Kamukunji Police Station, later left the scene of the crime while dressed in civilian clothes.

The police unit was informed of the incident and a manhunt against the officer was launched with police commanders warning that the officer was armed and dangerous.  

An hour later, the officer was later cornered with official police reports indicating that he turned the gun on himself although other reports suggested he might have been shot by his colleagues.  

In the earlier incident, the rogue officer reportedly shot at least four time at the female officer who was pronounced dead upon arrival at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The other officer in the car is reported to be in stable condition at the hospital.

It was not immediately clear what triggered the initial confrontation and Nairobi police boss Rashid Yakub confirmed that police had launched investigations into the incident.