A police officer who is alleged to have shot and killed his civilian friend at Nyari police station in Westlands, on December 29, has said that he is remorseful about the incident.

Speaking after appearing in Court on January 7, officer Edgar Mokamba through his lawyer Danstan Omari said that he did not intend to shoot his friend.   

The civilian was allegedly shot 10 times in the incident

Omari explained that on a fateful day, Mokamba who whose on duty said he spotted a suspicious-looking woman entering the gate.

The lawyer said that upon seeing her, the officer took out his gun, suspecting that she was a terrorist.

When he got near the woman, he cocked his gun which released bullets, killing his friend inside the car.

In an earlier police report, the officer-in-charge at the base rushed to the scene to find out what was happening and found the lifeless body of the victim at the driver’s seat of the car.

Preliminary investigations showed that the officer fired 10 rounds of ammunition in the incident.

The officer turned murder-suspect was disarmed and arrested. 

Speaking after the court session, the officer asked for forgiveness stating that the incident was an accident.

He was to plead to a murder charge but the High Court directed that he undergoes the mandatory mental test first.

The lawyer stated that they would pursue a plea deal with the public prosecutor for the suspect to plead guilty to a manslaughter charge.