Pastor Ng’ang’a Church Exposed Badly

Kiambu Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa delved into his past experiences working for Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre during the early stages of his journalism career.

Speaking on a local radio station on Thursday, February 22, Thang’wa unveiled various insights into his time under the famed pastor, spanning from salary arrangements to employee dynamics.

As the head of other church employees, Thang’wa received a fixed monthly compensation of Ksh30,000, while the remaining staff were paid based on their monthly work contributions.

Reflecting on those days, the Senator disclosed that Pastor Ng’ang’a would sporadically reduce employee salaries without explanation, sometimes questioning their dedication to the church’s success when payments fell short.

Payments were not made through bank transactions but were disbursed in person within the church premises, with the pastor determining the amounts based on individual contributions for the month. Thang’wa, being close friends with the pastor, avoided salary cuts, while others received reduced payments at times.

Recalling Ng’ang’a’s blunt payment method, Thang’wa recounted instances where employees were told their earnings based on their perceived contributions, resulting in salary deductions for some.

Transitioning from his tenure at Ng’ang’a’s church, the Senator shared a missed job opportunity due to his reluctance to cut his dreadlocks, ultimately losing the position to Michael Njenga.

Offering advice to navigate tough economic climates, Thang’wa advocated for pursuing side hustles to cover additional expenses like utility bills.

He stressed the importance of seizing job opportunities without being overly selective, drawing from his own experience working as a carpenter, including a failed attempt to pre-make coffins, which garnered unwanted attention in his small village.

Thang’wa’s revelations shed light on the dynamics within Neno Evangelism Centre and offer practical insights for young people navigating the job market and financial challenges.