Panic Mode For Sakaja as Impeachment Looms

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u shared insights into his phone discussion with Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja regarding unpaid salaries for civil servants.

During his appearance before the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning, Ndung’u emphasized that Sakaja expressed worries about potential impeachment motions by Nairobi MCAs due to salary arrears and a lack of bursary allocation. Ndung’u underscored the nationwide impact of the crisis amid the country’s economic struggles.

“In a sense, we are struggling to stay afloat. We are having trouble with salaries. We are clearing salaries with arrears. In fact, in the morning I was called by the Governor of Nairobi telling me that he is facing a looming impeachment as he has not paid salaries to the civil servants,” Ndung’u stated.

The Cabinet Secretary specified that the financial challenge arises from the government’s struggle to generate sufficient revenue.

He attributed this difficulty to adverse weather conditions over the past year, encompassing severe drought and El Nino rains.

He highlighted the need for reallocating supplementary budgets in response to these extremes, impacting both recurrent and development budgets to address life-saving measures. However, these conditions also contribute to an economic downturn, leading to insufficient tax revenues.