CJ Koome Forced to Make Ruthless Decision

A letter to the President of the Court of Appeal, Chief Justice Koome has advised the implementation of agreed-upon changes. Effective from September 15, the 29 Justices will commence their duties at new workstations, as outlined in the reorganization plan discussed with the Judge President of the Court.

To enhance service delivery at the Court of Appeal, this restructuring has become necessary.

Among the notable transfers, Justice Jesse Lessit, previously serving in Mombasa, is set to return to the Nairobi Court of Appeal.

Justices Hannah Okwengu and Hellen Omondi, formerly stationed in Nairobi, have been relocated to the Kisumu Court of Appeal as part of this strategic realignment.

The Chief Justice, Koome, emphasizes the importance of these changes in optimizing the functioning of the Court of Appeal, underscoring the collaborative decision-making process with the Judge President.

This move aims to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency within the judiciary, signaling a commitment to effective service delivery.

Among those who have been transferred include Justice Jesse Lessit who was serving in Mombasa. Lessit is expected to return to the Nairobi Court of Appeal.Justices Hannah Okwengu and Hellen Omondi have also been transferred from Nairobi to Kisumu Court of Appeal.

In the exercise of judicial authority, the Judiciary, as constituted by Article 161, shall be subject only to this Constitution and the law and shall not be subject to the control or direction of any person or authority.

The office of a judge of a superior court shall not be abolished while there is a substantive holder of the office.

The remuneration and benefits payable to or in respect of judges shall be a charge on the Consolidated Fund.

Subject to Article 168(6), the remuneration and benefits payable to, or in respect of, a judge shall not be varied to the disadvantage of that judge, and the retirement benefits of