Moses Kuria Finally Reveals Why He Was Removed From Trade Ministry

On Thursday, Moses Kuria dropped a subtle suggestion that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua might have influenced his removal from the Trade Ministry.

This insinuation came in the form of an enigmatic social media post from the former Trade Cabinet Secretary. He uploaded a photo of Deputy President Gachagua, with whom he has been in a prolonged feud.

What’s intriguing is the timing: Kuria shared this cryptic image just minutes after posting a gospel song, expressing his trust in divine assistance during trying times.

Kuria’s transfer from the Trade Ministry to the Public Service portfolio, viewed as a demotion by political experts, further intensified speculations about his contentious relationship with Deputy President Gachagua.

Last month, Gachagua criticized Kuria for his perceived arrogance in addressing the rising fuel costs. Gachagua advised Kuria not to address Kenyans with arrogance but with humility and decorum.

This came after Kuria had suggested that fuel prices would consistently rise, suggesting that dissatisfied individuals could extract their own oil.

In response to the Deputy President’s admonishment, Kuria insinuated that some people were dealing with an inferiority complex. He later deleted the tweet and sarcastically apologized to Gachagua and other leaders who had criticized him for his arrogance.

On September 20, he stated that he had been advised by figures like Boni Khalwale to retract his statement, acknowledging it as incorrect, insensitive, and arrogant, while expressing hope for a decrease in fuel prices.