Pastor’s Legs Chopped off After Being Caught With Someone’s Wife

A drama was discerned in Bungoma County on Tuesday after a pastor was allegedly caught in the act with another man’s wife in the county. However, the pastor’s legs were chopped off by angry residents, who said that was retribution for the offense he committed.

Following the news that was brought by one of the reliable sources, it appears that the residents also turned against the woman who was caught in the act with the pastor and bested him.

However, according to the report noted by the eyewitness who was at the spot, he said that the pastor was in the rotation of praying to the people who were dwelling on the plot, but when he entered the house of the woman, he took long hours, and therefore, residents stormed the house.

“The pastor arrived at the plot and started entering each door, offering prayers to us, but when he entered the house of a woman, he took many hours, and residents ambushed the house,” he said.