Why You Should Withdraw all Your Money From Cop Bank

Andrew Kibe has issued a stern warning to Kenyans, advising them to steer clear of CoopBank Kenya and Equity Bank.

The catalyst for this warning was a disconcerting personal experience where both banks allegedly withdrew funds from his account without prior notice. Kibe has gone a step further to substantiate his claims by sharing compelling evidence, including a video featuring a distressed woman who lodged a grievance against CoopBank.

The incident in question occurred on September 4th, when the woman discovered discrepancies in her CoopBank account. She had a balance of Ksh 32,000, and when it came time to settle her bills, she was taken aback by two unauthorized transactions on her account. CoopBank had debited her account without any notification. Although the first deduction was eventually reversed, the second transaction remained unresolved.

Frustrated and determined to rectify the situation, the woman embarked on a relentless quest for justice. Her efforts spanned a multitude of channels, from reporting the incident to the police to making countless calls to the bank’s emergency phone numbers. She also took to social media to voice her grievances, hoping to catch the bank’s attention.

However, her struggles escalated further when, in the midst of the past week, she awoke to yet another unauthorized withdrawal from her account. The timing was critical, as the following day marked the 5th of the month, the day she had earmarked to pay her rent. The mounting financial burden was taking a toll on her livelihood.

Despite her persistent complaints to the bank’s emergency hotline, she found that the staff were responsive in their communication but distressingly unyielding in their actions. This lack of concrete resolution only added to her exasperation.

Additionally, she pointed out a concerning issue with CoopBank’s website. Her account balance, as displayed on the website, failed to align with her statement balance. This discrepancy raised significant doubts about the accuracy and reliability of the bank’s online platform.