How to Make Money From Old Cars

In Kenya, the saying ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is not just a common phrase, but a thriving business model exploited by traders from different sectors who revamp old vehicles and sell them for double or triple the price.

These innovative groups of young men and women are breathing new life into old cars and adding unique features.  

Most of them are responsible for the unique and classy cars cruising Kenyan roads across the country.

You will agree that the designer stretched his creative muscle once these masterpieces speed past you on the highways. 

Speaking on a local media house on Thursday, Anthony Mbugua of Junkyard Auto, explained that the business requires passion with those seeking to venture into it targeting profitability.

His journey in the car industry began as a hobby, and he revamped a car that caught the attention of people who requested something similar.

“I have bought, revamped, and sold so many cars. Though, there are some we do not sell,” he stated.

Mbugua disclosed that the most expensive part of the process was getting spare parts for old vehicles. He added that cars with damaged bodies cost more to repair.

In one instance, he bought a Toyota Mark X at Ksh180,000, spent around Ksh270,000 to repair it, and sold it for Ksh550,000. He made a profit of approximately Ksh100,000. 

Another example is Prince Johnson from Nakuru, who bought his first car at Ksh40,000 while in Form Two.

Johnson, famously known as Empire 007, is a renowned car enthusiast in Nakuru with a fleet of vehicles he has reassembled and modified. 

In a past interview, Johnson revealed he was an IT expert, but his car gig earned him more as clients embraced revamped vehicles.

Redesigning an old car was the difficult part of his job, but as a passionate car fanatic, he goes the extra mile to make each vehicle unique.