Ndii Reveals Tough Choices Ruto Must Make

President William Ruto’s Economic Advisor David Ndii was asked whether he was comfortable seeing the government clamp down on anti-government protests.

A Kenyan wondered what the renowned economist was making of the alleged brutality being meted on people by Ruto’s administration.

“Is it just the cost of doing business? At what point do they call out on the transformation rhetoric?,” the Kenyan wondered.

Unperturbed Ndii informed that it comes with the territory and the government was just doing what was expected.

“One of the choices one makes when getting involved in power politics is to be prepared to have blood on your hands.

“If you don’t have the stomach be content with the moral superiority of pounding keyboards from a safe distance,” Ndii stated.

On Friday, President William Ruto defended members of the disciplined forces noting that they had not partaken in police brutality.