According to the reliable reports that we have with us is that the elders of Central Kenya as reiterated that their legitimate kingpin is the former president Uhuru Kenyatta and dismissed the claims that Gachagua succeeded him.

The chairman of the Council of Elders of Kikuyu community Kiago has stated they have tried to reconcile Gachagua and Uhuru but it has been unfruitful.

( Photo collage of Gachagua and Uhuru Kenyatta for Illustration purposes only)

Kiago warned the people who might be sponsoring the divisions in the region to have themselves declared kingpins.

” Even the region that has had the historical division but is uniting but we seem to be replacing it, Western that has had political indifferences on who is the kingpin. Some people might be sponsoring this division for their political expediency “, he warned.

The leaders who are in Kenya Kwanza coalition and hail from Mount Kenya region has been maintaining that Gachagua is their kingpin.