Former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Democratic Movement party, is in trouble with the investigation officers over alleged forgery.

According to reliable sources, The DCI in Nairobi has summoned five top Wiper officials for questioning over allegations of false swearing and forgery of documents regarding the case that the party had presented to Political Parties Disputes Tribunal

Those summoned are the National chairman of the party Chirau Ali Mwakwere, Shakilla Abdalla secretary-general, Agatha Solitei, the chairperson of the party’s elections board, Roy Ombasa, the party’s head of ICT, and Abdulla Gakurya.

According to reports, the party allegedly forged documents used to influence a case where they intended to change the nomination of businessman Abubakar Ahmed Talib.

Reports by the DCI indicate that Talib lodged a complaint with police that his name was unlawfully changed in favour of another person named Lucas Mulinge Wambua with forged documents, including affidavits used to validate the move and subsequently in court.

The Secretary-General Abdalla has been accused of swearing affidavit on behalf of the party claiming that she had attended a meeting on July 22 where the decision was reached, however according to Talib, on the same day Ms Abdalla was in Lamu.

In Ms Abdalla’s affidavit, there is also a contradiction over the date of the advertisement of the positions for parliamentary and senate nomination, Ms Abdalla claimed that the party placed an internal advertisement on its website on July 15, but upon a back end verification of the party IT system, it was established that the claimed advert was actually placed on July 28.

The DCI has confirmed that some officials have recorded statements while others are yet to, they have however confirmed that the remaining ones will be arrested should they fail to present themselves to record the statement