Residents in Machakos County’s Yatta B2 Ranch were struck with fear on Tuesday, May 16, as the discovery of human bone remains raised concerns about a potential mass grave in the vast area.

The bones, believed to have been buried under suspicious circumstances, were stumbled upon by locals residing near the ranch, situated in Kalelini area, Kanyonyoo, bordering Yatta and Kitui constituencies.

The residents, alarmed by the finding, are now apprehensive that there may be more bodies interred in the vicinity. Yatta B2 Ranch, known for its extensive size spanning over 53,000 acres, poses a significant challenge for investigative authorities, who may require weeks to conduct a thorough investigation should they choose to proceed.

This disconcerting discovery follows a prior incident in August 2021 when 15 individuals went missing in Yatta B2 Ranch after a group of over 100 armed assailants invaded squatters residing on the land. The revelation of human remains has sparked fears among Kenyans that the region may have been utilized as a burial site for the victims.

As of now, the identity of the remains found in Yatta B2 Ranch remains unknown, making it crucial to determine the circumstances surrounding the victims’ deaths.

It is worth noting that these findings come at a time when Chakama Ranch in Kilifi County has already been designated a crime scene, following the unearthing of shallow graves within Shakahola Forest situated within the ranch.

Sourced from Kenyans