The county’ s politics continue to pick momentum a year to the much anticipated Presidential election. With more evidence that the Deputy President is likely to face challenges in his political journey, leaders have sited more viable candidates for 2022 Presidency.

The Deputy President, as it is now, is faced with tough times ahead after Raila Odinga assured Kenyans that he is not ready to retire from politics. Raila also affirmed that this year’ s agenda is to deliver the BBI report, an idea that has been echoed by the President.

However, the Deputy President together with the Orange Democratic Movement Party leader, Raila Odinga can be said to be the two men that many kenyans think are the front runners for the country’ s top seat come 2022, just as exact as it can be.

And now, a political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi has come out with a contradicting opinion to the Hustler Nation. Ngunyi has delivered bad news to Ruto’ s supporters after naming two viable candidates for Presidency, leaving out the DP. Ngunyi argues that the second in command can not adequately represent the interests of the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of interior, Dr Fred Matiang’ i can make a good President who can cater for the interests of the Kikuyu nation, as it is the case with the ODM leader.

In a post on social media, Ngunyi alleged that Kikuyus will be out of power for thirty years. He however, alluded that their future out of government can only be decided in the next 365 days. He further reiterated that the Deputy President, William Ruto is not the future to circumvent the named candidates in circulating the Presidency between the two communities.

” Kikuyus will be out of POWER for the next 30 years. Their FUTURE out of GOVERNMENT must be decided in the NEXT 365 days. And William Ruto is NOT the FUTURE. To CIRCULATE the Presidency between Kikuyus and KALENJINS is a CRIME against the other 41 TRIBES. Choices: Raila or Matiangi, ” Ngunyi declared.