In an audit done by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services and the National Building Inspectorate six months ago, 4,000 houses in Nairobi are unsafe for human habitation.

Former Cabinet Secretary James Macharia said greed for money is what leads to the fast construction.

“Greed for money should not be the determining factor for any project. Instead, the investor should consider the safety of the workers and the people who will occupy the house thereafter,” Macharia said.

Also according to the National Construction Authority (NCA) audit on building collapses, in the country indicates that poor workmanship is the leading cause of building collapses in Kenya.

Following the above audit, below is a list of buildings which have collapsed in 2022:

1. A 7-storey building collapsed in Kasarani

This is the most recent collapse as rescue operations are ongoing. So far 1 person has succumbed to death in the rabble.

2. An eight -storey building collapsed

An 8-storey building collapsed in November at Kwa Ndege in Tassia, Embakasi: After news of the building collapsing, NCB ordered a demolition for the building which is located near Embakasi police station.

3. A 6-storey building collapses 

A 6-storey house under construction collapsed in the Kirigiti area claiming 5 lives. It is reported that the building was already suspended by Nairobi County.

4. A Five-storey building collapsed in Kinoo

A 5-storey building collapsed in Kinoo, Kiambu in June. There were no casualties as this building was still under construction. It is reported that the building weakened and leaned on one another even after approval by Nairobi City County.

5. A building collapses in Kihunguro

A two-storey building collapsed in the Kihunguro area in Ruiru, Kiambu County Kiambu in June claiming 2 lives. The building was under demolition when it collapsed and trapped those working on the demolition.

6. A building collapses in Mwiki

A 4-storey building collapsed at Infinity Area in Mwiki Estate, Kasarani. The collapse led to the death of 2 people in August.

7. A building collapses in Kitengela

Two people died after a 3-storey building near Kitengela Heights and EPZ collapsed in June. The National Construction Authority blamed it on poor workmanship for the rising number of collapsing buildings.

8. A building collapses in Githunguri

Five people were buried alive at PCEA Mukua Secondary School in Githunguri, Kiambu county after the toilet foundation they were constructing collapsed.

Kenya has recorded 87 building collapses over the past five years.

From these, it is estimated that 200 people have lost their lives in the last five years and more than 1,000 injured in turn.

Source: Mpasho