Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga has announced countrywide meetings to oppose President Ruto’s way of running things in the country.

Starting this Wednesday, Azimio la Umoja led by Hon. Raila Odinga have scheduled meetings to discuss and deliberate on the way forward.

Part of the agenda will include the general election which he feels was stolen from him by Kenyan Kwanza.

Key issues that have infuriated Raila Odinga are:

  1. High-cost living
    Raila says the living standards have gone extremely high, and something needs to be done with pace to reduce the skyrocketing.

In response to this, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua insists that the handshake between former President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is to blame.

Gachagua says a huge amount of money was blown in unnecessary projects like BBI.

  1. The attacks on 4 IEBC Commissioners
    Famously known as the Cherara 4, the commissioners have already been suspended for investigations into their conduct during the general elections. Led by Juliana Cherera, the four alleged that the final vote account was not believable.
  1. Interest charges and data security on Hustler Fund
    Raila Odinga is concerned with the interest rates chargeable to the loans currently being given to qualified Kenyans.

He suggests the loans would have been allocated without interest. There are also Data-related security problems concerns as well.

Like this SMS that many Kenyans have received without subscribing to the Hustler Fund:

“Jinsi ya kujisalili kwa huduma ya HUSTLER FUND. Piga *254#, kubali vigezo na masharti, weka PIN yako, utapata SMS ya kudhibitisha usajili wako.”

“How can you get a loan with interest of 8% and you are a hustler? Will you be paying the interest or the principal? Kenyans were told in campaigns that we will put Ksh 50 billion in the budget that is going to change their lives for free,it is on record. That is the money the hustlers were waiting for. This is a classical example of how politicians lie to Kenyans,” says Junet Mohamed.

  1. Lack of regional balance in President Ruto’s government
    In the recently announced government, he says the balance in the nomination of senior public officers, like Cabinet Secretaries, and Principal Secretaries does not reflect Kenya’s coverage.

A majority of these civil servants come from specific regions. To award their support and loyalty towards Ruto during campaigns in their regions.

  1. Introduction of GMO maize
    Raila Odinga does not support GMO maize production in Kenya though he was pro-GMO back in 2011.

The ODM leader now claims that during the past ten years, his perspective has evolved.

Dennis Onsarigo, Odinga’s communication director, stated that “more than ten years later, fresh information has emerged, most of it against GMOs, as scientific scrutiny on GMOs has strengthened, leading to his change of view.”

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