Hip Hop artist Julius Owino, popularly known by his stage name Juliani, has opened up on the events that led to him crossing paths and eventually marrying his now wife, Lilian Nganga, who was once betrothed to former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

Speaking on Hot 96’s Uradi Show on Wednesday, the ‘Mabawa’ hit maker distanced himself from allegations made by a section of Kenyans on social media last year that put him at the centre of the much publicised split between the said former love birds.

“Huwezi slice jamaa mtu wake. Haihappen hivyo. Watu wanapenda those kind of allegations so wanapush towards a certain angle more than what it is but haikuwa hivyo…(I don’t think that you can ‘steal’ someone’s lover. It doesn’t happen like that. People like such kind of allegations and they will say anything to push such an agenda but that’s not how things went down),” Juliani told show host Patrick Igunza.

Juliani went on to disclose that he randomly bumped into Lilian, at a mutual friend’s event, in the days leading up to her breakup and they bonded over what he terms spiritual talks. They would maintain contact in the subsequent days.

The rapper says he was unaware of what Lilian was going through at the time and it only came up after his now wife, who at the time he considered a friend, told him after some conversations that she was no longer in a relationship.

“Mimi nimepatana na yeye last year randomly. Tukaanza kubonga story ya consciousness… (I met her by chance last year and we started speaking about consciousness and spirituality),” he said.

“Ndio baadaye akaniambia by the way hivi ndio kuko, mimi siko hapa. Mi nikasema sikuwa najua nilikuwa nadhani sisi ni mabeshte… (She would later open up about her split which caught me by surprise since I only thought that we were conversing as recently acquainted friends).”

According to the rapper, he wasn’t even looking for a partner at the time since he had decided to quit dating and focus on himself and his spirituality by practising celibacy but things just happened.

“Nilikuwa celibate hiyo time ata sitaki story ya manzi ju nilikuwa space poa sana but vitu zikatake tu shape yake venye inafaa but wasee walitry kuipush into something that it was not which was sad…. (I was celibate, I wasn’t looking for a partner and I was in a good place but things just turned out the way they did but all those allegations were just sad to be honest,” he said.