In a detailed post dubbed “WHY I SUSPECT ALFRED MUTUA WANTS ME DEAD,” activist Boniface Mwangi has given a blow by blow account of how Machakos governor Alfred Mutua begged his former wife with goodies so that she stays.

According to Boniface Mwangi, Alfred Mutua literally begged ex wife Lillian Ng’ang’a with an expensive prado, a new house of her choice and millions of money. All these began after they started having relationship issues and the governor was keen on saving his face from the whole embarrassment.

Besides, Boniface Mwangi added that Alfred Mutua being a presidential candidate did not wish to be subjected to public ridicule of being dumped by a beautiful woman/wife like Lillian Ng’ang’a.

Fast-forward, Lillian Ng’ang’a decided to move on with her life despite being promised those goodies by governor Alfred Mutua and it is at that point when the second time governor began living in bitterness as narrated by the activist.

Below is the full revelation about how Alfred Mutua begged Lillian to stay amongst other issues:

“On 15th August 2021 Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a made a public statement announcing their separation. A week later Lillian attended Mutua’s birthday party. Their love relationship had ended much earlier, something only close family and friends knew. Lilian had moved on and there was an agreement that Mutua would behave maturely. He had begged Lilian to stay and promised to give her a new Prado, buy her a house and give her money. He had even proposed that they do a white wedding. Mutua’s efforts failed.

Mutua, who worked for President Kibaki’s government as a spin doctor, was desperate for good Public Relations, to look more presidential. Mutua’s political stock of trade is his beguiling looks, boyish charm and quick tongue. On Thursday 5th March 2009, Mutua, issued a scathing attack and threat against two activists, Oscar Kamau King’ara, and his communications officer, George Paul Oulu.

A few hours later, Mutua’s threat against King’ara and Oulu had deadly consequences when the two activists were gunned down in broad day light, in an operation that had all the hallmarks of being carried out by a police hit squad. There is no available record that Mutua was made to account for his threats and attack, or asked to explain whether he was privy to King’ara and Oulu’s deaths.

His political detractors allege he is a propagandist and a spin doctor, who at one time was alleged to have convinced Nairobians that white sand stones nicely arranged at the shoulders of the capital city’s highways and avenues, were more attractive than the sweet smelling lilies and appealing roses.

It is alleged in political circles, and by his political enemies, that Mutua wears controversy like a badge of honour, and uses his power to entice the women he wants to love. In my view these allegations are worthy of investigation.

Those close to him allege that when love turns to rejection, he liberally peddles threats and deploys police to silence those he once cherished but have overstayed his welcome, and can no longer be tolerated in his mansions.

A few years ago, and this is in the public domain, his ex-wife, Josephine Thitu Maundu, detailed how the couple had fallen out of love and were fighting over property and children. The fights at times played out in public, where security officers were instructed to eject the First Lady from her seat at a public function.

It is further alleged, and again on public record, that when the heat became unbearable Josephine fled to Australia with their three children on 6th November 2014. Josephine made it public that she appointed her brother, Moses Mutua Maundu, as the caretaker at her Grevillea Park apartment.

However, public records show that Maundu’s attempt to move some stuff out of the apartment, so that he could renovate and later rent it out, were thwarted by Mutua who stormed the place that was guarded by two Administration Police officers.

The gate to the apartment was locked, and police guards were posted at the apartment to block Josephine from accessing the place she had called home. Josephine complained that Mutua also went to Spring Valley Police Station, where he filed a report that she had abducted her own children. This fact is also in the public domain.

At the height of the crisis, Josephine complained in a media report, “I have been hounded out of my home and country by endless intimidation, mental torture, and anguish by Dr. Mutua. My children and I have been subjected to intense public humiliation, lack of privacy, inadequate security and media scrutiny for two years.”

On 1st September 2021, my close friend, Julius Owino, popularly known as Juliani, called me. He was afraid. He had received threatening phone calls that he was going to be murdered if he didn’t stop posting pictures of him and Lillian Ng’ang’a online. Lilian had already separated from Mutua and had become good friends with Juliani.

I advised Juliani to report those threats and on 2nd September, I escorted him to Kileleshwa Police Station where we reported the matter. When Juliani said he had been threatened I stood by him as a friend but, unknown to us, Mutua was allegedly planning to harm us. Unknowingly, I had also become a marked man through these allegations about Mutua.

Lillian begged him to just end it amicably but Mutua, who was more focused on public relations than the relationship, would hear none of it. Privately, he complained that Juliani and I were the reason why Lilian left him, something he allegedly told the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) when he was later summoned. When his relationship with Lillian ended, it was none of my business and I was neither the glue nor the chemistry that brought Juliani and Lillian together.

Sourced from Sonko news