You can decide to change your name for one reason or another. For example, a woman may change her name after marriage to add a man’s last name to her official names.

Under the Document Registration Act, the law allows Kenyans to change names on national IDs. Here’s how:

1. Obtain a document application form, complete it and send it to the registration officer.

A document deed is a special document that allows a person to change their name legally.

You can obtain the form from the Secretary-General’s office or download it online.

2. Make sure you have one of the following documents depending on your condition; marriage certificate, deed of certificate, affidavits, birth certificate, copy of the parent’s identity card and confirmation letters from the administrative office. 3. You pay a fee of 1,000 Sh and hand over the current ID.

4. The fourth is to be signed by the registration officer and forwarded to the applicant.

5. Your photo will be taken and later used to create another ID.

6. The Registrar shall then submit the application form, together with the identity card submitted, to the Central Registrar, who shall be responsible for recording and canceling changes to the previous national identity card.

7. Wait for the next 60 days to receive your new ID. This is only possible upon presentation of a certificate issued by the Registrar following a request to change your names.