Residents of Rarieda in Siaya County, on Saturday scrambled for body parts of a crocodile that had been trapped and killed in Nyamaruaka Beach.  

Armed with machetes, the residents scrambled to chop off some of the crocodile’s body parts including genitals. The reptile had killed at least five people in the area and injured several others.  

 The crocodile was caught by a trap that had been laid by the Kenya Wildlife Service officials. The mighty reptile had been terrorising fishermen.

West Kadinga sub-location assistant Chief Fredrick Oguda, told Nation.Africa that the crocodile had killed people in the area.   

Rarieda Sub-County Fisheries officer Evans Alando said that the reptile was in pain when the fishermen found it trapped on Saturday morning.

 The KWS officer in charge Rarieda Sub County David Owaka said that they have begun plans to dispose of the body.

“Some people have cut off the crocodile’s genitals and other organs, we shall dispose of the body,” said Mr Owaka.

He noted that the killing of the reptile was a positive step towards keeping the public safe from the dangerous water reptiles.  

He said the trapping and killing of the crocodile would make some areas like Lela beach safer. In the last six months, at least five people have been attacked at Nyamaruaka Beach.

The latest case was that of fishermen who were attacked while fishing. He was pulled out of the boat and mauled by the reptile. 

“People feared the lake, some of them who are full time fishermen opted to venture into other activities,” said Mr Alando.

By Nation.