The Ministry of Health has pleaded with all Kenyans to get fully vaccinated should they want access to public spaces and seek government services.

This decision was reached after the National Emergency Response Committee noticed a significant increase of new Covid-19 infections and the positivity rate in December 2021.

Here’s how to easily get your Covid-19 certificate after being fully vaccinated:

Go to the Ministry of Health portal (

If you DO NOT have an account, you Register, and provide the following details:

Have you been vaccinated? – No

Select identification type (National ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, Alien ID, Military ID)
Identification number
Provide your email
Insert your phone number and country code
Enter Password, Confirm then Sign Up.
If you do have an account:

Sign in/Log in using:

National ID number, Passport Number, Alien ID, Birth Certificate
You will get the following instructions:

If you are not vaccinated, click register to open the registration form
All inputs with an asterisk (*) are required
Your identification is very important, ensure you enter the right details
Ensure you fill in the correct contact details as they will be used to send your next vaccination schedule message

Your next of kin details are required
Select your location of residence
Select the allergies/pre-existing conditions that you have.

If they are not in the list, fill in using the other allergies/conditions option.
Confirm your details then click submit to complete registration.

After Login/Registering, you will be r-directed to the Ministry of Health Chanjo KE Dashboard, which basically shows your information.

If you have already been vaccinated, click on VIEW YOUR INFO in the Dashboard. You can edit your details here, as well as VIEW CERTIFICATE.

The certificate confirms you have been vaccinated, the vaccine type and the dates for vaccination.

Source: Standard media