Deputy President William Ruto now says he will try become an evangelist once he retires from active politics.

Speaking on Monday at the ACK cathedral in Nyeri town, Ruto said he wants to convert more people towards the heavenly kingdom.

“Although I am not a preacher, I have a Christian background. I have told the bishops today that when I am done with leadership I want to be an evangelist because I want to be  a contributor towards people going to heaven,” said Ruto.

Ruto’s tour of popularizing his 2022 presidential bid on the bottom-up economic model platform in Mt Kenya entered the third day on Monday.

He hailed the model as the way to make Kenya inclusive, claiming it is drawn from the Bible.

“As Christians, you might be wondering where this bottom up is all about. But note this: the story of bottom up is from psalms 113:7-8, where the lord talks about raising the poor from the dust,” Ruto said.

He held a meeting with Bishop Joseph Kagunda and 1,000 other ACK leaders.

“In Acts 20:35, Paul tells us not to forget the weak… for it is the Lord Jesus Christ himself who said it is more blessed to give than to receive,” Ruto told the audience.

“That is why in our program we are saying we must build a nation that brings everybody on board, right front the bottom,” he added.

The DP is expected to hold public rallies at Mweiga Trading Center and Endarasha during the morning hours. 

His packed day will also see him attend several public rallies at Charity, Kiawara, Nairutia and Wiyumiririe trading centres later in the day. 

By Citizen Digital