Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga has announced new measures aimed at changing the agricultural and health sectors should he clinch the top seat in the 2022 General Election.

Speaking Saturday in Kitale Town, Tranz Nzoia County when he traversed the county to drum up his presidential bid, lamented the sorry state of the healthcare system and the high cost of healthcare, saying hospitals should lessen their hard stance on poor patients who are unable to settle their bills due to financial constraints.

He added that if he leads the country, every Kenyan will be put under a compulsory insurance cover by the government

“Starting next year, we will ensure every Kenyan is under medical insurance, and those who cannot afford it will be paid for by the government,” stated Raila.

Raila also said there is need to put farming under a compulsory government subsidy programme to ensure farmers get good returns.

“There is no country in the world where farming is not supported by the government through subsidies, we will support our farmers. We will also do away with cartels who are destroying our local industry through importation of cheaper maize,” he said.

Stuarday’s tour saw Raila make stops in Sibanga, Kolongo, Endebes, Matisi, Kitale town and Kiminini Market.

On Sunday, he is set to tour Kakamega County while his formal announcement of his 2022 presidential bid is set to be announced early December.

By Citizen Digital