“Respect Ruto Ma Ujue Unaenda Nyumbani”, US Based Kenyan Condemns President Uhuru.

Since the promulgation of Kenyan constitution in 2010 where freedom of expression was enforced, everybody has upheld their human right to say anything as long as it does not elicit; hatred, violence or ethnic discrimination.

Cosmos Choy a US based kenyan, took his time and warned President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee chairman David Murathe, through a video on an online TV channel. Choy said they should give DP Ruto the utmost respect, since he deserve it. The vocal individual sent a message to the President, telling him that he should know that he is going home as DP Ruto will take charge come 2022. He described DP Ruto as brave and loved by many across the nation.

“I want to tell Uhuru Kenyatta and David Murathe to respect the deputy president. Your time is over and Ruto will be the next president. Ruto si muoga kama Raila. You won’t snatch him the presidency because he is loved by many Kenyans and even part of the army, you will see unimaginable if you try in 2022”, Cosmos said.

Choy also talked about the IMF loan amounting to $2. 34 billion(Ksh. 257 billion). The vocal Kenyan claimed that the loan taken will be allegedly used to steer BBI campaign and not for Covid-19 responses.

Choy condemned President Uhuru’s actions and said he only vied for the presidential position for his own personal interest and not that of the citizens. Cosmos also condemned the president for not creating job opportunities for youths as he has been in power for almost ten years. He compared President Uhuru’s government to Joe Biden’s government which have reportedly created 1million Job opportunities for it’s citizen.

Cosmos Choy was Raila’s supporter few months and recently he changed to Ruto’s camp. Seems like all he like criticism of the government.