The family of West Pokot Governor John Lnyangapuo  has been asked to make a statement about his health and whereabouts after concerns were raised. 

Senate Majority Leader Samuel Poghisio told journalists on Friday, January 15 that being the county chief, residents should be kept abreast of his status. 

“The family should communicate. This is a public figure and the county has closed down,” the West Pokot Senator stated. 

He added that the three-week absence of the governor had left his constituents with a sense of power vacuum  since his deputy was also not in the county. 

Deputy Governor Nicholas Atudonyang who is a neurosurgeon is said to live in the US state of Texas.

Lonyangapuo was last seen in public on December 17, 2020. The day before he had attended a function in Tapach Ward where he distributed dairy cows to boost milk production in the county. 

The following day he was seen attending a meeting with elders in Kanyarkwa and Sarmach areas. 

Later that evening, he joined Frontier Counties Development Council at a farewell dinner for outgoing UN Resident Coordinator Siddharth Chatterjee at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador in Nairobi. 

However West Pokot Chief of Staff Elijah Kapelo stated that the governor was on leave and was expected back in the office the coming week. 

“The governor went for Christmas holiday and some bit of annual leave. He was on the radio on December 31, 2020, and he addressed the residents,” he explained. 

He added that county operations had not been grounded since the Cabinet executives were working.

“When someone is on leave, it does not mean he is not working. The Cabinet is there and things are running as usual. As we speak, I am in the office and the Cabinet is in a meeting…the governor is currently at our Nairobi liaison office, he is okay,” Kapelo assured.