The Ministry of Education has indicated that all the schools will resume learning in January 2021 after a long interference caused by the coronavirus.

Speaking in Murang’a county on Wednesday, Education CS George Magoha urged school headmasters to be innovative and ensure Covid-19 protocols are adhered to.

The CS said that the school heads can take advantage of good sunny weather and use tree shades within the school compound as classes.

“If the weather is as good as now, nothing stops the headteacher, who is an excellent teacher from having classes there in addition to others being inside the rooms. Let us be innovative and stop criticizing without a solution,” Magoha said.

Magoha said that there are no new classrooms across the world that have been constructed following the virus disruptions.

He said that the schools will officially be reopened on Monday, January 4, 2021.

The CS asked parents to prepare their children for the resumption of learning, saying the government is doing everything possible to ensure schools are conducive for learning.

He also instructed teachers to ensure all children are given access to schools and warned them against sending children home for not paying fees.

“Primary education is free as per the constitution but in cases where it is payable, we are asking teachers to identify the needy children and support them. Let’s not have a situation where a pandemic has occasioned the loss of jobs and then we send children back home,” he said.

The CS further asked boards of management to handle expectant teens gently and ensure they go back to school.

“When ready to deliver, they will be allowed to go for delivery and come back to school. Even those who are married, all students, especially candidates must go back to school so they can sit for the national exams,” he added.

Source: The Star