“He Won’t Reach 2027” Ruto Receives a Startling Warning

Prominent lawyer Danstan Omari has delivered a strong caution to President William Ruto regarding his economic management approach.

Speaking on K24 TV, Danstan Omari expressed concern that Ruto’s practice of rewarding loyalty over competence in his team could lead to dire consequences.

According to Danstan Omari, if the President continues with what he describes as a “bunch of clueless technocrats,” Ruto might not politically survive until 2027.

The problem is president Ruto rewarded loyalty, and that cannot manage the economy. If president Ruto stills clings to that bunch of clueless technocrats, he will not even survive to reach 2027. ” Lawyer Danstan Omari said during the interview.

Omari’s warning spotlights a perceived flaw in Ruto’s leadership strategy, emphasizing the necessity of prioritizing competence in economic management