Uhuru Publicly Declares His Plans For 2027

Ex-President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Sunday declaration outlined plans for the 2027 elections. He pledged support for Kalonzo Musyoka, vowing to safeguard his votes and avoid a repeat of the electoral challenges faced by Raila Odinga in 2022.

Addressing the public, Kenyatta emphasized that the Kenyan Constitution does not explicitly prohibit former presidents from endorsing or actively supporting future presidential candidates.

With this in mind, he pledged to play a pivotal role in securing Kalonzo’s path to victory, determined to safeguard every vote cast in support of Musyoka.

“The constitution has not addressed whether a former president can or cannot support a presidential candidate.

Therefore, in 2027, I am dedicated to ensuring that not a single vote for Kalonzo will be subject to theft,” stated Kenyatta, underscoring his firm commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process for the aspiring candidate.