Equity Bank has announced the relocation of its Kangemi and Taita Taveta branches to new premises. The Kangemi branch will be moving to its new location starting from 15th June 2023, while the Taita Taveta branch will be relocating from 30th June 2023.

This move demonstrates the bank’s commitment to enhancing its services and providing convenient access to its customers. The new premises are expected to offer improved facilities and a better banking experience for clients in these areas.

Equity Bank takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to customers for their continued trust and loyalty. They appreciate the confidence placed in them as the preferred financial partner and remain dedicated to delivering excellent service and innovative solutions.

Customers are encouraged to take note of the relocation dates and make necessary arrangements to visit the new branches once they are operational. The bank assures its customers that the transition will be seamless, and they will continue to receive the same high-quality service they have come to expect.

Relocations like these are part of Equity Bank’s ongoing efforts to expand its reach and cater to the evolving needs of its customers. By establishing new premises, the bank aims to provide a more convenient and accessible banking experience while maintaining its commitment to customer satisfaction.

As the Kangemi and Taita Taveta branches prepare for their relocation, customers can look forward to a fresh and modern banking environment that reflects Equity Bank’s dedication to delivering excellence in financial services.

In conclusion, Equity Bank announces the relocation of its Kangemi and Taita Taveta branches to new premises, effective from 15th June and 30th June 2023 respectively.

The bank expresses appreciation for customers’ trust and welcomes them to their new locations, assuring them of continued outstanding service as their preferred financial partner.