The holiday season is a time when most people have high expenditures but with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can make good cash over the holidays.

This ranges from hiring out your car to joining the taxi business as  well as offering swinming and private lessons.

We compiled profitable short-term business ventures that can make you a fortune in just three weeks.

Imported vehicles at the port of Mombasa.


Hiring out your car

Many people will be traveling upcountry over the holidays and prefer to hire a car.

There are three major reasons that people prefer hiring a car to travel upcountry;

1.      During the December holidays, most public service vehicles are fully booked.

2.      Most people travel as a family and they do not want the hustle and bustle of public transport.

3.      When at home, they will need to move around and a personal car is convenient.

If you have a car, you can make good money because depending on the size of your car, you can hire it out for a price ranging between Ksh2,500 and Ksh6,000 per day.

This means you can make up to ksh126,000 in three weeks.


The holiday season is a month of festivities and people are always moving from one-holiday spot to another.

Instead of hiring out your car, you can decide to start offering taxi services.

The advantage of a taxi over hiring is that you will not have to worry about your car being mishandled because you will be in control of who you carry in your car and where it goes.

Swimming lessons

In December, thousands of domestic tourists flock to the coastal region of Mombasa to have fun on the beach.

However, a majority of them do not know how to swim.

Therefore, if you are a good swimmer, you can make good money charging Ksh500 per hour for swimming lessons.

Private tutor

With schools closed for an extended period of time, most parents are looking for private tutors.

You can make banners advertising tutoring classes. To maximize the holiday season, you can offer virtual and physical tutoring classes.

Food van

Having a food van can mint you a fortune over the holidays. This is because most holiday spots do not have cheap food joints nearby.

For example, you can park your van at a public beach or popular nightclub where you can sell cheap food to revelers.

Students and staff having a good time at MV World Odyssey Semester at Sea.

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