As christians waits for the second coming of Jesus Christ, Millions of Kenyans are also eagerly waiting to see who will succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta by becoming the fifth president.

Politics has indeed taken shape in country with various opinion polls being conducted to allege which presidential candidate stands at a chance of winning the August 2022 general elections

According to the study of Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission voter record by Star, it has been clearly evidenced that presidential race between Self-proclaimed chief Hustler Campaigner William Ruto and Azimio chief campaigner will be very stiff and very close margin will be evidenced.

In the latest survey conducted it has been allegedly Revealed that Raila Odinga will get high number of votes compared to Ruto, estimated to be 8,028,255. Kenya Kenya presidential candidate William Ruto is projected to Garner 7,983,391 million votes

Hitherto, this is predicted on the consumption that the deputy will win support in the larger Mt Kenya region as well as the Kalenjin dominated Rift valley counties.

On the other hand Raila is expected to win in Nyanza, Lower Eastern, Western, Nairobi and Coast. According to the IEBC record data Nyanza has 3.3million votes, Nairobi 2.2M, Coast 2.1M, Coast 1.9M and Lower Eastern 1.8M.

They voted for Raila in these areas in 2017 and we still hope the same these year come august. All the ten counties in Mt Kenya including Nakuru voted for William Ruto giving them a total of 5,770,976 votes while the six counties dominated by Kalenjin communities only 2M casted their votes on the ballot.