Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria cleared the air on his fallout with the DP Ruto-led UDA party on Sunday, saying his issues are with the party and not the deputy president or his running mate.

Kuria, in an interview with Citizen TV’s Sam Gituku, refuted claims that Mathira MP Gachagua orchestrated the exclusionary issues plaguing his and Kabogo’s parties in Kenya Kwanza.

Even if that were true, Kuria says he wouldn’t blame Gachagua because the newly-unveiled running mate was under strict orders.

“I don’t see Rigathi Gachagua in this, but I think we have a fundamental problem, I have a complaint against UDA, I’, sure Rigathi is under instruction,” Kuria said.

“Even if he is mistreating me out there, it is not Rigathi Gachagua the man,”

Kuria claims that he has yet to raise the issue with the DP because the issues at hand are related to the party rather than the DP.

“If I had a personal problem with Ruto I would call him, or storm his office even without an appointment and tell him what I think,” Kuria added.

“This is an issue to do with the UDA party and our parties and also with the coalition as a whole,”

During the interview, Kuria also revealed that National Assembly Speaker J.B Muturi was his choice for DP Ruto’s running mate.

“I was man enough to say it publicly, my choice was JB Muturi, but I chose real estate entrerpreneur Faith Mwaura as my running mate, William Ruto did not have a hand in my choice why would I have a hand in his?” He posed.

Kuria has now vowed to boycott all Kenya Kwanza rallies, claiming that there appears to be a deliberate effort to exclude Central Region parties from Kenya Kwanza affairs.

He claimed that while Mudavadi’s ANC and Wetangula’s Ford-Kenya parties were allowed to plan Kenya Kwanza rallies in Western Kenya, UDA organized the meetings in Kiambu, where Kuria is seeking governorship mandate, and Kuria’s CCK and Kabogo’s Tujibebe Wakenya parties were excluded.

“When it comes to planning meetings in Mt. Kenya, they are held exlusively by UDA and we are locked out, for me it is sad and strange,” Kuria said.

“Even when it comes to the campaign team called Hustler Express which is my brainchild, when they come to Kiambu, we are locked out,”

Kuria claims that the Kenya Kwanza alliance exists in the rest of the country but quickly becomes UDA in Central Kenya and Kiambu counties.

He claimed they were now dealing with the same ‘political deceit and conmanship’ issues that drove them to leave the Jubilee party.

By Citizen