Kiambu Town Member of Parliament aspirant Mercy Wamathai has accused Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria of issuing direct nomination tickets to preferred candidates ahead of the August polls.

Mathai, who is a member of the Moses Kuria-led Chama Cha Kazi (CCK) party claims that the Gatundu South MP in a text message on Monday requested her to shelve her parliamentary ambition without undergoing due nomination process in the party primaries.

Mathai in an emotional press briefing on Wednesday alleged that her party leader, inconsiderately told her to step down and instead continue pumping her financial support to his CCK party and his gubernatorial bid.

“He sent me a WhatsApp message… it was devastating to me because without even being subjected to a nomination process, he told me to step down from the race and instead he had the audacity of asking me to fund the party and in return, if he succeeded as the governor he would offer me a job at the county,” Mathai told K24.

The MP aspirant tearfully further narrates the unfolding of events before the heartbreaking message where she says she had waited for the legistlator for several hours in vain, as she describes the message as ‘devastating.’

Mathai now calls for the relevant authoritative agencies to look into the case, which she believes is also affecting other aspirants in the Kuria-led party.

“What Honourable Moses Kuria did contravenes so many provisions under the Constitution and under the Political Parties Act. I want to invite the relevant bodes to carry out investigations as to the manner in which those processes are being conducted in parties,” she said.

She added: “As recently as this morning I got very many phone calls… They are now telling me that regardless of whether you have been handpicked, soon you will be required to pay the nomination fees. Soon you will hear from them since I do not want to speak for them.”

Kuria who is allied to the Kenya Kwanza team led by Deputy President William Ruto is seeking to vie for the Kiambu Governor seat.