Science can be beautiful but it can also raise a lot of ethical questions. This can be evident by the debate it has caused on the Pullin issue. When Alex Pullin died last year, his wife Ellidy Pullin was devastated. The Olympic gold medalist had died at the age of 32 and they had not been blessed with a child yet. At the time, Ellidy said that they had wished to have a baby together but Alex went too soon.

In what can be considered a first, Ellidy approached a doctor who promised to help her. The doctor looked for the most viable sperm in Alex’s dead body and implanted it to Ellidy’s womb. That was months after Alex had died. Today, 15 months after Alex met his tragic death, his wife has given birth to a beautiful daughter.

Ethical questions has been raised if it is right to harvest sperms or eggs from someone who has passed on considering the fact they had not given permission for that to be done. Some people feel that sperm harvesting is just like organ donation and should not be allowed without prior authorization by the deceased. Some people have also expressed concern about the rights of the child. The kid will grow up without a father due to a decision the mother made.

While the ethics side of the debate rages on, some people have been awed by how beautiful science is. While in the past different people have had their sperms or eggs frozen, this is the first time a deceased person has been able to continue his lineage. They say it is a present to those who have been left behind. At least they will continue to see their loved one through the baby. Do you agree on doctors harvesting sperms from people who have passed on?