The leadership tussle in Wajir County continues to deepen with embattled Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamoud attending a full meeting of the Council of Governors on Thursday.

The meeting deliberated widely on the Wajir impeachment row where the county bosses came out to defend the ousted governor.

“We as a council note the orders of the High Court in Meru that reinstated Wajir Governor in office,” said the council in a statement.

On his part, Mohamoud, who attended the meeting, said he was there in full capacity executing his duties as Governor of Wajir County.

Only yesterday (Wednesday), the newly sworn-in Governor Ahmed Mukhtar reshuffled the Cabinet in the county sparking varied reactions. However, the Council of Governors said the changes were null and void since there is an existing court order.

“I am in office as governor of Wajir and I will continue with my work just as I have done today,” Mohamoud said.

The Council of Governors claims that the impeachment threshold is being abused and wants the Supreme Court as well as the Court of Appeal to clarify on the impeachment threshold that they say is the latest impediment to devolution.

By Citizen Digital