Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has donated money in support of polygamy in Kenya as comedians Professor Hamo and Jemutai’s extramarital affair played out in public.

In a statement on his verified social media platforms on Saturday, May 1, Sonko said that hiding partners was the cause of bitter fights among couples yet the law allows men to marry more than one wife.

He gave the example of Nairobi matatu boss Jamal Roho Safi who recently announced that he had married a second wife. 

In a move to encourage transparency among partners, Sonko committed Ksh105,000 to 15 men who participated in his challenge. 

The challenge involved sharing the name and contacts of their wives and girlfriends to prove that they all coexisted peacefully.

“I would like to see whether your wife knows about your girlfriend by giving details of your name and cell phone number, your wife’s name and her cell phone number, and your girlfriend’s name and her cellphone number as well. Ksh7,000 to the first 15 genuine answers. Remember I will personally call to find out whether the information is true,” he announced.

By Kenyans.co.ke