A student at a secondary school in Ndhiwa sub-county is being assisted to sit for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams after she allegedly became blind moments before she sat for her CRE paper on Monday.

The candidate at Wayaga Mixed Secondary School is receiving assistance to write  her remaining exams after doctors confirmed that she could not see.

It is reported that the candidate was revising for papers on Sunday evening, together with her classmates, when she suddenly lost her vision.

She started complaining of not seeing clearly what was in front of her.

Homa Bay County Education Director Fredrick Kiiru said the candidate reported to the exam hall on Monday but could not see anything.

“She complained that the condition worsened moments before the exams started,” the education officer said.

School officials took the candidate to hospital for checkup where doctors confirmed that her vision was impaired. 

Mr Kiiru said his office had to communicate with the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) for advise. 

A letter from the school and a medical report from the doctor was sent to KNEC which advised that the student should continue with her exams.

The candidate was on Monday assisted to write her CRE and History paper.

By Nation Africa