ODM leader Raila Odinga on Monday, March 29, went back to Nairobi Hospital for what his aides have termed as a routine check-up after his admission in hospital a few weeks ago.

Sources indicated that the ODM party leader and former Prime Minister had decided that he needed a professional opinion regarding his fitness levels.

“He passed by the Nairobi Hospital for a normal check-up. He is not sick. He is very much okay,” stated a source that did not wish to be named.

Raila recently disclosed that he had tested positive for Covid-19 just days after travelling to Mombasa to drum up support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). 

After leaving the Nairobi Hospital where he was admitted for days, Raila released a video on his social media page showing him undertaking light physical exercises at his Karen home, Nairobi.

“I am feeling wonderful. It is so nice to be back home, I was in a prison back there. Even though I’m still in isolation, I can now see the beautiful outdoors and nature,” explained Raila.

Raila has since made some continuous appointments with his doctors for routine check-ups.

“His doctors wanted to see him. He was attended to and allowed to go home and continue with the self-isolation,” Oburu Odinga, his elder brother, confirmed.

There were speculations around Raila’s health on Friday, March 26, after he posted a photo of himself sitting at home reading a book – with an Oxygen Concentrator right next to him.

Odinga was first admitted at the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday, March 9, after he complained of body ache, fatigue, and other symptoms where it was established that he was positive for Covid-19.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 26, ordered members of his Cabinet and senior staff in his executive office to take the COVID-19 jabs as a way of encouraging public uptake. 

The President also got vaccinated hoping he would encourage Kenyans to also take the injection in an effort to ramp up the rollout of the national vaccination program.

Source: Kenyans.co.ke