Betty Kyalo said that she has come to learn a lot of things about her. And she come  to love everything that she  is currently doing.

“I have come to learn more about myself and I really appreciate that.  Self development and skills have greatly improved as well,” Betty noticed.

Adding that sometimes she finds herself trending on social media without knowing. Following her heart and passion really motivated Betty and that is why she went to pursue media career because that is what she wanted to do since  she was young.

Speaking on radio interview, the self-proclaim ghetto girl said despite being off on TV for a while now, but still she is doing her thing even off camera.

Asked how she feels about that, the mother of one said she is feeling good and that she has managed to achieve a lot of things in that duration of time.

Betty who celebrated her  birthday few weeks ago said that  she feels like at 32-years-old she has really achieved a lot of things and I am looking forward to doing more.

Talking on relationship Betty said that the worst thing you can ever do is to post your man on social media.

“Don’t show off your man on social media or your relationship. You can only show off his hands, watch, legs, and hair a little bit,” Betty advised.

Asked if she is interested in politics. Whether politics might be her next big move but she said for now she is still figuring out about that though it is something is in her mind.

“For now I am still figuring out about it though it is something in my mind so let us wait,” she said.

Online bullying has been a major issue that almost all celebrities go through. And through this, it has even caused some celebrities to take off their lives.

Former K24TV presenter says when she started her career in media, there were a lot of people who used to bully her for no good reason.

“I think two years ago I was the most bullied person on the internet. And as a result, it really affected me but now I know,” she says.

By Jalang’o TV