No intimacy for Diana Marua after she is forced to get rid of contraceptives

Family planning has been adopted by a large percentage of families globally making it a culture. It is a precautionary measure against premature child bearing or unreadiness in the family.

With this, the Bahati’s family is not excepted. Diana Marua has been using IUD (a T-shaped plastic placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy) which has brought some setbacks for her well being.

Speaking on their channel ‘Diana Bahati’ the couple revealed that Diana has been having a swollen leg for sometime now that is since the last birth. Even though the mother of two has a history of swollen foot since high school this was different.

“I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school but it later disappeared completely. However, for the last 5 days or so, I have become very unsettled because my leg had so much pain all of a sudden and started swelling. I feel like I have needles piercing me.”

The couple spared a day to get Diana’s contraceptive removed. This is till they figure out a way forward. This happened after they consulted a doctor who advised them to visit a gynecologist.

The couple went to Nairobi Hospital where they were advised to remove the contraceptive or any other foreign material in her body after which they headed to the gynecologist.

Living without contraceptives is hard hence making Diana to worry how they would survive without, but her husband was ready with a response;

“But I’m the King of withdrawal. Because I just don’t trust the contraceptives.”

Diana eventually had her IUD removed and the pair have to deal with almost no intimacy until they find an option B and also get her issue sorted.

Here’s the video of the process: