Young people in the country have been accused of storming police stations and injuring officers. Furthermore, numerous young people have been imprisoned after demonstrating and destroying property in various parts of the country.

Similarly, the government has advised Kenyans against participating in protests and property destruction around the country. Furthermore, some police officers have been accused of dispersing protesters with live rounds.

According to the source, sad news has just emerged from Isibania as a number of the mourners who have been shot dead by police officers have been revealed this morning.

As per the latest updates reaching us this morning, it has been revealed that four of the mourners who were protesting have been shot dead by police officers after storming a Isebania police station.

The deceased were protesting after some of them were arrested, and we’re asking the police officers to release them. The confrontation forced police officers to use live bullets to disperse them when four of them were shot dead. It is not clear how many protesters escaped with injuries.

Further, police officers from the border had not yet issued any statements by the time I was writing this article.

More to follow…