Milicent Omanga has gone ahead to share a photo that detailed where she was. It is a post that has resulted to many netizens reacting.

Look at that hustler behind you…. Trying to put food on the table when everything done by the president is good even when Kenyans are suffering yet you can’t do anything about it.

I won’t blame you for the CAS position since you are aware it’s illegal but try to advice your boss concerning the hustlers sufferings. I voted for him but trust me Uhuru is being vindicated.

That’s how KK is empowering hustlers, I think the intention of this regime is suppress the less fortunate, so that they can continue reaping their sweat through a lot of taxes.

A netizen has alleged, I hope Ruto is seeing the right people to tax for his affordable house planning. Kudos to those hardworking men behind you, unfortunately your boss will tax them harshly so that they can pay your salary.