Kenyans live in various parts of the country. Furthermore, strange diseases have been discovered in the country, and all Kenyans have been warned not to touch or handle dead bodies unless instructed to do so by health workers.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health has been working extremely hard to ensure the safety and health of all Kenyans.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about another strange disease that has been detected in the country. As per the latest updates shared by a well-known source this hour, it has finally been confirmed that several Kenyans from Kisumu have been diagnosed with a strange disease.

As per the local, who has been identified as George Otieno, he has revealed that he was forced to seek medical treatment after his stomach started protruding and there was blood in his stools. I quote his statement from the source: “My stomach has been protruding for months, I feel feverish, and there is blood in the stool,” George Otieno confirmed.

These are bad news to All Kenyans because the strange disease can affect many if it is not controlled early.

Further, the health experts in the county have confirmed the existence of the strange disease and revealed that more than 17 samples have been collected for investigations and analysis.

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