Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has revealed that a hotel billed the county government KSh50 million for tea and snacks which had been accrued by the previous administration.

During a meeting with traders in Ruiru, he alleged that a certain hotelier (whose identity he didn’t mention) approached him with the bill claiming it was amassed by former Governor James Nyoro’s administration during meetings.

“I was shocked when the bill was tabled before me. I however declined to pay it because there’s no way we can give out such money that was just spent on tea and snacks. This shows the magnitude of how public funds in Kiambu County were misused,” said Governor Wamatangi.

The governor said that this led him to order an overhaul of all departments within the county government to identify and kick out ghost workers.

“We have also managed to seal all loopholes that crooked county officials used to steal public funds. We want to ensure that every coin is put into its rightful use,” he added.

The first-time governor said his administration has taken measures to cut cost including putting an end to the tendency of county officials holding meetings in high-end hotels by pitching a tent at the county headquarters where meetings are now held.

However, Wamatangi says that those who enriched themselves with public funds have not welcomed these moves, to an extent of launching a campaign to discredit and soil his name on social media platforms.

“They have baptised me all manner of names including ‘Mkono ngamu’ (stingy man) just because I blocked them from dipping their hands into public coffers.

“I’ll however remain unmoved by their attacks so long as whatever we are doing is for the betterment of Kiambu electorates livelihoods.”

Sourced from TV 47