On Sunday evening, NTV’s Investigative Journalist Duncan Aemba drew a clear picture of the Freemansons society in the country as far as secrecy surroundng the society is concerned.

While interviewing Ambrose Rachier Otieno who has openly come out to declare his Freemason’s membership, Aemba inquired on people who forms the largest members of the secret group.

Ambrose disclosed that mmbers of the secretive group re just basically Kenyand and that anybody can join as far as they are disciplined. He revealed that nost of their members are famous businessmen, doctors, some are Judges of our courts and that only a few of the members are politicians.

He also disputed claims that people joins Freemasonry to acquire wealth and power saying most of those who are members are just average Kenyans who are not so wealthy.

“None of those two are true, we join freemasonry to propagate charity and there are some few wealthy people and many are those who live ordinary lives. Most of the people there are businessmen, medical practitioners, lawyers and I can say there are only a few politicians if I can remember any, we have judges of our courts and we don’t discriminate against people,” he stated

On joining the society, Ambrose said one has to be welcomed by their friends, seconded by another member, then undergoes an interview. If one passes the test, then they are automatically initiated into the brotherhood and become junior members before rising through the ranks if they stay loyal and pass the tests.

He however, refused to talk much about the initiation process, sayingit is secret and cannot be discussed in such a platform. He said one rises through the ranks to the highest which is said is 33rd degree which is symbolic. He also revealed that he is in the 30th degree at the moment and is one of the senior most members

”You are expected to be a good citien, we dont expect you to engage in dirty busines, to be a thief,criminal, conman and we expect you to be a good samarithan, involved in charity activities,” he added

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