When the name Afya Centre is mentioned, the first thing that always comes to mind is the green building in Nairobi CBD where people meet.

Strategically located in the city centre, the 21-storey building is a point of refuge for person’s who’ve lost their bearing in the CBD. Most people always go back to Afya Centre and start over.

It is also a common meeting point due to its easy access considering that it is located along Tom Mboya street, which is where most matatus drop their passengers.

Being so iconic, many have been wondering, who owns Afya Centre? NairobiLeo researched the ownership of the building and established details on the person’s behind it.

Afya Centre is a product of Afya Sacco. It was developed by contributions from members of the Sacco (shareholders). It is therefore owned by shareholders of Afya Sacco.

Exterior view of Nairobi’s Afya Centre building. [Photo: Courtesy]

Apart from Afya Centre, information on the Sacco’s website indicates that the cooperative also owns maisonettes along Kamburu Drive off Ngong Road.

“…This comprises of 16 residential maisonettes located at Kamburu Drive off Ngong Road and Afya Co-operative Center a 21-storey high-rise building, situated in Nairobi City. Afya Investments are fully owned by the shareholders of Afya Sacco,” information on the Sacco’s website read in part.

According to the Sacco, both projects are generating revenue which trickles back to the shareholders through annual dividends.

“Both the maisonettes and Co-operative House are rented out to generate income to members. This income flows back to members as dividends which are distributed yearly.

“Afya Center acts as the Headquarters of both Afya Sacco Society and the Front Office Services Activities of the Sacco (FOSA). It is a major business center that houses specialized medical clinics, banks, restaurant amongst other offices,” Afya Sacco added.