That Mike Sonko is a controversial man is a heavy understatement; the former Nairobi Governor, who relocated to the Coast and is now seeking to replace outgoing Mombasa County chief Ali Hassan Joho, lives and breathes headlines.

The flamboyant politician has found himself in yet another hot soup, this time over a grave at the Kikowani Muslim Cemetery.

Sonko, during his campaign tour on Friday, took Wiper party leader Kalonzo Muyoka and a host of his legion of supporters to the cemetery and showed them a grave purportedly belonging to his late mother.

Sonko, in videos from the visit seen by Citizen Digital, appears emotional and sheds a few tears as he lays a wreath on the grave and pours water on it.

However, another man has now come out claiming that the grave does not actually belong to Sonko’s mother, but to his own (second man’s) mother.

The man – Abubakar Aboud – slammed the former Nairobi County boss for what he termed as playing politics with the dead, urging him to desist from such theatrics.

Abubakar further urged Sonko to return to the Kikowani Muslim Cemetery and tender an apology for the action, while also hitting out at Wiper boss Kalonzo for falling for the ploy.

“Hii ni kaburi ya mamangu, Mariam Ali, miaka saba iliyopita. Msitafute kura kupitia makaburi, ni mambo ya kusikitika sana. Yametuuma sana Sonko kuja kusema ati hili kaburi ni la mamake. Sonko atafute kaburi la mamake, sio hili,” the emotional man is seen

“Skiza Sonko: Danganya watu Nairobi, danganya watu Mombasa, lakini sio hapa. Usidanganye watu kwenye makaburi., hawa watu wametulia wamelala hapo chini, unawasumbua.”

He added: “Na Kalonzo wewe, unaingia kwenye uwongo kama huu? Ni jambi la kusikitisha sana. Na urudi hapa uombe msamaha Sonko.”