Pornography in Kenya, as the government would put it, is a non issue, just like conversations about the LGBTQ community.

In the traditional setting, one needed to have an ongoing professional career as an adult video content creator in order to have a chance at getting your work out there.

That has since changed because today all it takes for someone to become a great professional adult content creator is a video camera (which is available in all smartphones) , time, and connection to the internet.

In the article below, these Kenyan celebrities found themselves on the wrong side of this as videos and photos of themselves n*ude were leaked for the internet to digest.
One thing for sure is that not only does the Internet never forget but also, Kenyans never forget.


Photos of a lady who looked oddly similar to Avril making out with another woman surfaced on social media a few years ago.
The photos sparked a lot of speculation, but Avril stated that they were photo-shopped by a nasty person.
Some even suggested she was a homosexual, which Avril categorically rejected.

DJ Creme de La Creme

A video of DJ Creme’s Sextape with a past lover was released on the internet. This porn movie was recorded in a hotel room by the Kenyan DJ and her lover Halima while they were both incredibly on fire.

The Self-Directed Sextape starring Halima Nassir and Dj Crème de la Crème, a well-known family man and entertainment guru, made rounds on social media and sparked mixed reaction. 

Creme was publicly exposed in a five-minute video, which is said to have had a longer version that lasted one and a half hours.
He was seen on a bed with the young woman, eating the forbidden fruit.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu made headlines three years ago after a young man with whom she was allegedly having an affair posted an intimate video of them on the internet.

Calisah, who was described as Wema’s toy boy after she dumped former Big Brother competitor Idris Sultan, is said to have become her toy boy.

As a result Wema Sepetu was banned from shooting movies within Tanzania for a while, with the country claiming that the video was a disgrace to the county’s moral conduct.

“The actress had degraded and caused dishonor to the country’s nation values”, this was according to Joyce Fissoo, a spokeswoman from the film board.

Ella Ciiru

The curvy damsel in distress is the most recent victim of body shaming.
Ella’s nudes were shared with a man she trusted enough to share the personal images with a few weeks ago.

She has since thanked her supporters for not trolling her on social media.
She declares
“If you’re going through or have gone through this, you’re not alone, and it’s not our fault.” This has made me feel afraid, insecure, and concerned about my future.”

“However, I will not be threatened, humiliated, or disgraced.” Thank you to my Support System (Instafam) for your never-ending patience and compassion.””You have made no hostile remarks or victim-blaming statements about me. Asante.”

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