Mudavadi’s Sunday declaration was complete with sirens and surprises, an earthquake in its own right, and full of lofty political declarations.

The OKA principal who was unveiled as the ANC’s presidential candidate, took to the podium amid cheers, delivering a powerful statement in which he criticized the current government, raising alarm over the skyrocketing public debt, wanton graft and rising incidences of insecurity in the country.

“Kenya is broke. Kenya’s public debt is skyrocketing. The county is at risk of being auctioned to international lenders, the whole country is on mortgage, critical installation have been mortgaged,” Mudavadi said on Sunday

“Our national debt has become a threat to our security. We need to save our country from the looming danger,”

According to Mudavadi, Kenya currently sits on a ticking time-bomb, whose safe time is being sped up by unemployment ,and perpetual borrowing that in turn funds graft.

“The public private partnership are eating up the country, the private entities are people in govt with their families. These cartels don’t even pay taxes,” the ANC leader added.

But perhaps the crux of Mudavadi’s Sunday declaration, was his attack on fellow presidential contender, Raila Odinga who was in Nakuru on Sunday, popularizing his ‘Azimio la Umoja’ clarion call.

While revealing that the ANC will now be seeking political pacts with other like-minded partners, Mudavadi ruled out the possibility of working together with former partners in arms.

“Let me state this in plain words, we may not know who is going with us, but we know who it will not be, it will not be those you can’t trust,” Mudavadi said.

“Azimio is not an option when it comes to partnerships, that azimio is about the self-preservation of individuals, wamepoteza frequency na network,”

He also fired shots at the famous March 12, 2018 handshake that brought together Uhuru and Raila, accusing the two leaders of sitting on the fence, as incidents of insecurity and cold-blooded murders are reported on the daily.

He referred to two recent incidents: the collapsed Abimbo Mines in which several were trapped for days, and the most recent, in which bodies of people believed to have been murdered, were discovered and recovered from river Yala, causing a public furore and spurring investigations.

“When all this is happening, where are the handshake partners?” Mudavadi posed.

Mudavadi who is now popularizing his bid under the ‘Uchumi Bora, Pesa Mfukoni’ clarion call, says top of his priority should he clinch the top job, will be taming and undoing the skyrocketing public debt.

Within the first year of his leadership, Mudavadi says his government will set up a debt regulator to tame public borrowing while working toward renegotiating the debts with the lenders.

At the same time, the presidential hopeful say in his manifesto are plans to address punitive taxes, devolution as well as the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

By Citizen Digital