Deputy President William Ruto has called for the release of the youth who were arrested for heckling him during his tour of Kisii County on Wednesday.

The DP, in a statement posted on Facebook later in the evening, instead urged the police to go after the hecklers’ masters.

According to DP Ruto, the youth are merely pawns in the political game hence should be spared from prosecution over their acts.

“…we tell the law enforcers that as long as they are not going to charge the sponsors of these primitive activities, the young people should be spared from the unnecessary harassment and prosecution. Release the youth,” he stated.

DP Ruto hence also urged the youth to avoid divisive activities aimed at further segregating and setting them up for blame and sanction.

The DP accused a section of politicians he did not name of involving the youth in negative succession politics instead of prioritizing their development agenda.

“It is no surprise that those driving exclusive top-down model of governance find no place for youth, except to deploy them on retrogressive errands as witnessed in some of our meetings including today’s successful tour of Kisii County,” he said.

Incidents like these, the DP argued, have stunted Kenya’s economic development agenda and extinguished countless opportunities for youth to achieve meaningful prosperity.

Ruto similarly stated that his self-proclaimed hustler nation has prioritized youth empowerment as a key component of the bottom-up policy and political framework should he clinch the presidency at next year’s general elections.

“We in the Hustler Nation have an agenda to make Kenya a society that accommodates, supports and benefits everyone without discrimination, because we desire that every citizen realises their aspirations,” he stated.

The DP consequently called on the youth to join him in his journey and embrace his vision to securing a prosperous future for Kenya.

The DP was on Tuesday heckled by supporters of former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga in Laikipia County.

“Msikuje hapa kupiga kelele kwa mkutano yangu. Kila mtu apange mkutano yake. Wacheni upuzi hapa,” the DP told the crowd.

By Citizen Digital